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We are a leading manufacturer for rod pumped deviated wellbores.

Our proven Hi-Rise System™ including continuous rod, lined tubing, engineering services, well servicing,and EMI technology, overcomes production challenges in unconventional wells.

The Hi-Rise System

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LPS’s Hi-Rise System is proven to increase run times.

Our innovative solutions reduce the effects of deviated wells, increasing the mean time between failures of rod pumped wells.

LPS specializes in cost-effective solutions that extend rod and tubing life and reduce operating costs. Our expertise goes beyond products to application engineering, EMI scanning, and well servicing to ensure the components in each of your wells meet their unique characteristics.

Our team of experts is always available to provide the support and guidance you need to ensure your success.


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The LPS Difference

The Hi-Rise System has been successfully installed in hundreds of wells and documented substantial improvements in reliability and well productivity beyond what rod lifting is typically associated with.

ESP decreases efficiency significantly as the gas-oil ratio (GOR) increases, reducing hydraulic output and system efficiency. Converting to rod lift prevents production losses and minimizes maintenance costs.

Landing the pump in the curve of the wellbore can allow operators to reach lower producing bottom hole pressures, increasing production and potentially extending the well's economic life.