We are a leading manufacturer for rod pumped deviated wellbores.

Our proven Hi-Rise System™ including continuous rod, lined tubing, engineering services, well servicing,and EMI technology, overcomes production challenges in unconventional wells.

The Hi-Rise System

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Welcome to Lightning Production Services (LPS) - a trusted manufacturer and provider of oilfield equipment and services. Our latest innovation, the Hi-Rise System™ for rod pumping deviated wellbores, offers a range of solutions that have been proven by operators in the field. Our mission is to contribute to the effectiveness and ROI of our client's wells, with a focus on improving production, extending run life, and ensuring high reliability based on field conditions post-installation. We work closely with Production Engineers, Field Supervisors, and Asset Managers operating rod pumped, plunger lift, and PCP artificial lifted wells, as well as salt water disposal wells.


Our management team consists of artificial lift pioneers who combine vision, experience, and science to develop solutions that boost returns on rod pumped well's investment. We use proven technology coupled with advanced methodologies to overcome well irregularities without excessive costs or additional safety issues. LPS was founded to address these goals and gathered experienced individuals who focus on understanding how multiple well points impact the performance of each well individually.

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At LPS, we understand that the industry demands well performance in terms of profitability, and our products and services are designed to meet these demands. We offer more than just products; our engineering service provides advanced analytics that were specifically designed to address multiple data issues. Rather than just providing a software program, we use several analytical tools to evaluate downhole and surface data to measure the impact across the entire well. With this combination of human intervention and software analytical tools, our service uniquely provides rod and tubing designs for improving the mean time between failures of rod pumped wells.

More than just products

We are excited to introduce the Hi-Rise System, which offers a complete turnkey solution for rod pumping deviated wellbores. Our system includes a conveyance system of fit-for-purpose lined tubing and continuous rod, application engineering, and proprietary patent-pending EMI scanning technology for rod inspection in the field. Furthermore, our well servicing ensures that the system is installed, maintained, and optimized to the highest standards, allowing operators to focus on their core business activities.