We are a leading manufacturer for rod pumped deviated wellbores.

Our proven Hi-Rise System™ including continuous rod, lined tubing, engineering services, well servicing,and EMI technology, overcomes production challenges in unconventional wells.

The Hi-Rise System

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Progressing Cavity Pump Wells

Operators have used PCP systems as a form of artificial lift because of their ability to tolerate free gas, low API gravity (heavy) crude and move large amounts of sand in directional wells. However, due to the high side loads from the deviated wellbores, rod-string and tubing wear can be a challenging problem and increase your failure rates and operating costs.

The Hi-Rise System™ offers LightningRod™- a continuous rod string- to run in your wellbore with progressing cavity pumps. LightningRod™ can reduce tubing wear in highly deviated wells by distributing the side load throughout the string instead of concentrating loads on sucker rod coupling.

It can also decrease the torque on the surface motors leading to minimal power requirements for the PCP system. With LightningRod™, we can help you decrease your operational expenditures.

Progressing cavity well diagram


  • Eliminates couplings along wellbore, distributes side load over entire string.
  • Eliminate care and handling failures and improper makeup.
  • 8-12 % lighter than conventional rod strings, minimal torque & power requirements.
  • Fast, easy installation.
  • No reduced flow area around couplings leading to corrosive elements.

LightningRod™ Differentiators

  • Tighter specifications beginning at steel mill.
  • Fewer inclusions and tighter grain structures.
  • Shot peen rod.
  • Quench and tempered plant welds.