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Our proven Hi-Rise System™ including continuous rod, lined tubing, engineering services, well servicing,and EMI technology, overcomes production challenges in unconventional wells.

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Extend run life and improve production with designs to meet your wells' unique characteristics

Application Engineering

Application engineering is a critical aspect of successful rod pumping in deviated wellbores, as it involves customizing the pumping system design to each well's specific needs and conditions. By employing a collaborative process that requires input from engineers and operators, our approach has improved production and extended the run life of hundreds of wells.

The application engineering process typically begins with a workshop to define the specific issues and goals of the well. This step includes identifying challenges such as high deviation, wellbore conditions, and past production issues. With these challenges in mind, engineers develop multiple design options and collaborate with operators to choose the optimal pumping system configuration for the well.

Through this collaborative process, application engineering can ensure that the chosen design is tailored to the unique conditions of the well and that it maximizes production while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs, optimizing performance, and achieving optimal results in even the most challenging well conditions.

LPS Application Engineering

Unique Advantages

  • Reduce downtime caused by repeated failures by identifying specific issues and goals.
  • Multiple designs use the detailed well profile highlighting opportunities within the wellbore.
  • The Collaborative process has improved production and extended the run life of hundreds of wells.
  • EMI technology advises types of defects allow engineers to improve runtimes.
  • Ensure high reliability based on field conditions, post installation.