We are a leading manufacturer for rod pumped deviated wellbores.

Our proven Hi-Rise System™ including continuous rod, lined tubing, engineering services, well servicing,and EMI technology, overcomes production challenges in unconventional wells.

The Hi-Rise System

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The Hi-Rise System is a complete solution bringing together the best LPS products and services

Hi-Rise System by LPS

The Hi-Rise System™

The Hi-Rise System overcomes rod pumping challenges in unconventional wellbores, such as deviated wellbores, production rates, ESG and electrical costs, and service efficiency.With proven production improvements in hundreds of wells, LPS created the Hi-Rise System to combine its industry-leading products and services to extend run life and improve production.

  • Conveyance System

    The fit-for-purpose conveyance system of LightningFlo™ and LightningRod™ significantly reduces rod parts and holes in tubing.

    LightningFlo™ lined tubing provides protection from frictional wear and corrosive effects of the caustic downhole environment. A major operator in the Permian was able to decrease tubing leaks by 96% and rod parts by 31%.

    LightningRod™ continuous rod dramatically reduces rod failures by eliminating the sucker rod coupling. Over a million feet have been installed in US basins, lowering system ownership cost.

  • Application Engineering

    LPS has designed hundreds of wells to ensure that every well will successfully achieve the target rates and maximize the run life. Application engineering works collaboratively with the customer team to provide designs to meet their targets. After installation, the teams tweak and modify the solution based onfield conditions. —Learn More

  • EMI Technology

    LPS has developed the patented LV-EMI™ System technology that allows for continuous inspection of the rod while it is pulled out of hole. By utilizing electromagnetism, continuous rod sections are easily identified and replaced, reducing service jobs. The rod string may experience compression and buckling fatigue, and the EMI can identify this in addition to wear and corrosion. Multiple scans on the same well over time can determine the rate of change of wear/tear on the rod while it is in operation.The LV-EMI™ System allows operators to make an educated decision on the conditions of the rod string, enabling swift decisions once the rod is pulled out of the wellbore and allowing engineers to make proactive decisions to reduce future issues. —Learn More

  • Well Servicing

    Service availability is guaranteed with readily available equipment near your operations to improve service efficiency, enabling more jobs to be completed in a month and reducing costs. The service rig takes less than half an hour to rig up and is used for pump changes, rod changes, and quick diagnostics. Combined with a traditional workover rig, it significantly increases the number of jobs that can be completed. —Learn More

    The Hi-Rise System™ Advantages

    • Reduced failure due to holes in tubing.
    • Reduced cost of rod parts and replacement of servicable rod.
    • Extending run life and improving production.
    • Increased meantime between failures.
    • Reduce premature failures and replacing servicable rod.
    • Increase job count to reduce monthly average job costs.


    • Holes in tubing in deviated wellbores.
    • Rod failures when rod lifting in deviated wellbores.
    • Energy and efficiency loss due to friction.
    • Handling high rates and ESP failures.
    • Lowering the pump in the curve to increase production.
    • High electricity costs and ESG impact .